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1968 CHEVROLET Corvette L89 Racing car

Our 1968 L89 Racing car Corvette # 194678S404229 is one of the only 390 1968 L89 Corvettes (both coupes and convertibles) equipped with the RPO L89 engine.


She was delivered new as a highly rated road car in 1968 before being prepared for racing by her second owner, Alex Harvey-Bailey, in 1972.


Rhoddy Harvey-Bailey, Alex Harvey-Bailey’s son, entered and drove the L89 Racing Corvette # 194678S404229 into the 1972 British Modified racing series "Mod Sports" to 6 victories, 3 second-place finishes and lap records at Mallory Park and Castle Combe!


This 1968 L89 Corvette had a tremendous impact on UK racing fans in 1972 as it was the sole big-bore American racing car active in the UK in 1972. 


Overhauled and restored in 2003 - 2004, she still retains the optional aluminium cylinder heads 1967-vintage 543 hp 427 cu V-8 engine, its original matching-numbers Muncie M21 gearbox and its singular 4-barrel set up (common with L88) which had been fitted for the 1972 UK "Mod Sports".


Ready for FIA-approved historic racing events in Europe and vintage racing in the USA.


European taxes paid



Year :
Make :
Model :
Corvette L89 Racing car
Type :
Race car
Chassis :
Color :
Red / Black
Mileage :
Drive :
Eligibility :
Price :
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1968 CHEVROLET Corvette L89 Racing car 1968 CHEVROLET Corvette L89 Racing car 1968 CHEVROLET Corvette L89 Racing car 1968 CHEVROLET Corvette L89 Racing car


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About this car: 1968 CHEVROLET Corvette L89 Racing car
Chassis: 194678S404229